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About Steadicam


In film applications, the Steadicam® has opened whole new territory. From simple 2-shots to walking down corridors to running sequences - the Steadicam® is capable of it all. One line of study focuses on the 'long shot' - a single, uncut shot which features characters going about their business with the Steadicam® in constant attendance, almost as another character's viewpoint in the film. A long take with a moving camera allows the viewer to travel through rooms, hallways and entire corridors without cutting. Refraining from intercutting several angles means that the viewer's bond with the digetic world on the screen is not broken, and is instead allowed to grow. The nature of the Steadicam®, and the fact it is attached to the human body, facilitates these longer shots. It is therefore not unusual to see Steadicam® sequences that are uncut for a matter of minutes, to allow the viewer to participate in the character's journey. Steadicam® shots are culminated from time to time with a step-on to a crane, and the Steadicam® operator will be raised high above the scene below, a trick often used in feature films and music videos. The fact that the Steadicam® can physically enter the space alongside the actors gives the camera's viewpoint an even greater power to tell the story from inside the film...as opposed to being outside, looking in.

In the context of live OB events, the Steadicam® can capture events which are instantaneous, unplanned and will never happen again – and provide images which can be remembered by millions, from football and rugby matches, to horse races and motor sport. The ability to quickly reposition, develop and accommodate movement means that the Steadicam is almost always in the centre of the action, bringing viewers closer to the events as they unfold - usually thanks to the RF links which allow freedom of movement and large range and coverage area.