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Contact: 09.00-17.00 Mon - Fri
Manchester & London, UK
Telephone: +44 (0)800 689 9866


Steadicam Rig & Jimmy Jib Camera Crane

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Aside from his work as a Camera Operator, specialist equipment which Jason operates includes Steadicam and Jimmy Jib.


Jason's Steadicam system is capable of handling any camera, be it broadcast, film, digital, tape, solid state or a broadcast systems camera. Equipped with a Steadicam Arm which can handle the highest payloads, and utilising the latest broadcast digital battery technology, with cells delivering supreme performance at a 12v or 24v level, this means that all cameras can be accommodated - from the Arri Alexa and the Sony CineAlta range, HDCAM, RED, DigiBeta, XDCAM and DVCAM to Triax, Fibre and RF systems cameras down to lightweight DV and HDV (and DSLR) cameras. 16mm and 35mm film camera packages from ARRI, Aaton, Panavision and more can also be flown on the rig, complete with support, accessories and cine lenses. Anamorphic packages and also 3D camera systems can also be accommodated.


The Jimmy Jib Camera Crane can handle all broadcast and film camera payloads, is complete with Jason's 17" HD-SDI preview monitor, broadcast accessory kit, unit box, cable trunk and can be operated in lengths from 6ft - 40ft.